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I hope you will enjoy reading some of the essays, stories, and blog posts for this website and will return periodically to read what’s new. I love to write and to share what I’ve learned―whether that learning took place this past week or decades ago. In 2021, I hope to publish a cuisine travelogue e-book that shares my travels through Andalusia, Provence, Tuscany, and Rome and includes tested recipes for the dishes I had at restaurants in all of those regions. Look to 2022 for the publication of another cuisine travelogue e-book―this one focused on travel through coastal Norway and, similarly, shares recipes from the restaurants there.

Essays & Stories


mini-memoir pieces
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Been There, Done That, Learned a Thing or Two

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tested again and again

Desultory Reflections & Philosophical Thoughts

observations on culture, ethics, and
contemporary conditions

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formal and informal critiques of
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short stories and flash fiction
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Soft Pretzels and German Brown Mustard

Soft Pretzels and German Brown Mustard

I understand that there are people who cannot imagine putting any kind of mustard on pretzels. I get that. I can’t imagine putting yellow mustard on anything. Pretzels, of course, should be paired with German-style brown mustard. This is no advertisement, but I grew...

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A Day Placed in Perspective

A Day Placed in Perspective

There is no question that I am extremely fortunate to have the life I have. I never lose sight of that. I will also observe that even when our challenges are small, they can add up to mental exhaustion. Today was that kind of day. By mid-afternoon I had concluded that...

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Feline OCD

Feline OCD

One of our cats is just plain crazy (and I mean that in a non-pejorative way). The other has what I can only guess is obsessive-compulsive disorder. For humans, OCD involves focused, persistent thoughts that are brought on by anxiety. The obsessive thoughts tend to...

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