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I hope you will enjoy reading some of the essays, stories, and blog posts for this website and will return periodically to read what’s new. I love to write and to share what I’ve learned―whether that learning took place this past week or decades ago. In 2021, I hope to publish a cuisine travelogue e-book that shares my travels through Andalusia, Provence, Tuscany, and Rome and includes tested recipes for the dishes I had at restaurants in all of those regions. Look to 2022 for the publication of another cuisine travelogue e-book―this one focused on travel through coastal Norway and, similarly, shares recipes from the restaurants there.

Essays & Stories


mini-memoir pieces
from a rewarding personal life


Been There, Done That, Learned a Thing or Two

lessons learned, knowledge and skills
tested again and again

Desultory Reflections & Philosophical Thoughts

observations on culture, ethics, and
contemporary conditions

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Literature Reviews

formal and informal critiques of
works in contemporary literature


short stories and flash fiction
inspired by others’ lives


upcoming and available book-length works


downloadable cuisine travelogues

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young children’s literature




Daylight hours are becoming shorter. Autumn harvesting is done. It is a time to celebrate the season’s harvest and to transition into those darker days. You are part of the Celtic spiritual tradition of Samhain (a Gaelic word, pronounced SAH-win or SOW-in). It is time...

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A Word on World Letter Writing Day

A Word on World Letter Writing Day

September 1st is World Letter Writing Day—established more than a decade after the world switched to using thumbs on tiny touchscreens to correspond in a new language called texting. On the WLWD website, the Day’s founder, Richard Simpkin of Australia, shares his...

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The First Day of School

The First Day of School

I grew up in a family of modest means. We were not poor, but my parents had to be very careful with our budget. Prioritized expenditures included a home in good repair, healthy food, and clothing that would last. Among the things that were free, education was the most...

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